I am a lover of anything personalized!  This transferred over when I became a mother and had Jackson's name monogrammed on anything and everything.  Now what am I going to do with 50 burp cloths that say Jackson on them?  Maybe someday there will be a little Jack Jr. in our world.  As Jackson moved from baby to toddler and I was desperately searching for cute birthday and holiday clothes for him I became frustrated and decided to try making some of my own.  My first creation was his 2nd birthday shirt using the old school applique method which I then duplicated for all of his little friends.  It was a hit and I was so proud that I had made them! That was just the beginning...

Jackson is now four and is a big brother to my sweet Colin who already 8 months old.  Over the last couple of years I have made countlesss shirts for my two boys and gifts for friends,getting to know the incredible capabilities of my machine.  With taking care of a busy toddler and working hard to get my second here safely, there wasn't much time except to dream about starting a personal business.  I'm happy to say that my dream is now becoming a reality and I feel so blessed and excited to start this journey, creating the things I love!

It brings me such joy knowing that I am creating things for families that they will treasure forever!  I love being in the business of filling hope chests. That is, eventually, after they have been well loved on!

Sew excited,
Jennifer Reece