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Follow the steps below if you are ready to order.  Please remember that there is a 2 week turn around for in town orders and 3 weeks for orders that require shipping. I will often get your purchase to you sooner.

  If you have a question about a product or need
help with an order please email me.

How to Order:
Email me your order following the guidelines below.

1. Title the subject line with your first and last name and the word order. (i.e.Jennifer Reece ORDER)
2. COPY and PASTE the text below into the body of the email and fill in the information.

Phone Number:
Address(if being shipped):
Product # and Quantity:
Shirt Style and Size (if applicable):
Font and Fabric Choice ( if applicable):
Date Needed:

I will send you a confirmation email back including your project total before beginning your project. 

For orders that will be hand delivered or picked up, I will accept cash or a check made out to That is Sew You.

For orders that require shipping, I will send a separate email directly after an order confirmation email requesting payment in full using PAYPAL.  If you do not have a paypal account you can set one up at that time.  Please note that I will not begin your order until I have received notification of payment from Paypal.

Most orders will run between $6 and $10 (bulkier items).  I will verify this price in your order confirmation before billing you.