Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Custom Birthday Shirts

Over the last couple of months I have made these themed birthday shirts for two of my favorite little people. 

Briley celebrated turning 3 at a local candy shop. 
Her mom paired this shirt with a frilly purple tutu.  So sweet!

And you guessed it, the now 3 year old Mr. Hank is a lover of everything John Deere!

If your kiddo has a birthday coming up that you want a special themed shirt (base $25) for let me know and I'll help you create the perfect shirt for your little one's big day.  I can pretty much find appliques to match any theme.



Hank loves his shirt and we have worn it a bunch. Can you make me an adult sized shirt with a Shiner Beer on it? Do you think that would be trashy of me?

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